5 Steps to Healing a Broken Heart

Getting your heart broken has got to be one of life’s biggest sorrows. To move on, you need to find ways to mend your heartbreak. No one says that it’s easy to mend a broken heart, but it’s something you must do so you can enjoy life again.

Healing a Broken Heart – Step 1

The first step is to stop blubbering over the loss, to accept the fact that the relationship is over. Don’t prolong the agony, the relationship is finished. You’ve got a long life in front of you and you must heal your heart to proceed. This isn’t a time to be longing for the old relationship, it will only make you even more unhappy. It’s over. Forget it.

Healing a Broken Heart – Step 2

Step two requires that spend some quality time ALONE! Don’t be silly and go for a rebound relationship. The person you find to fill the gap will only be cheated. You may still have feelings for your ex, that’s especially unfair. Jumping into another relationship without some time alone is not prudent. You wouldn’t walk on a broken leg; so why try a new relationship with a broken heart? Don’t jump at the first person to come along, that can wait.

Healing a Broken Heart – Step 3

Your third step is to give yourself a bit of mourning time. Since you’re full of emotions, you need to let them melt away. Start writing in a diary, or exercising, anything productive to ease your stress. Your hurt feelings are important, talk about them with a person you trust. A trusted friend, or even a therapist, can help you talk through this difficult time. You must acknowledge the fact that you’re hurt, not doing so only lengthens your time of sorrow.

Healing a Broken Heart – Step 4

As your fourth step, focus on self-confidence and self-improvement. As in any relationship, you probably spent more time on the other person rather than yourself. For now, make yourself the most important focus of your life. Do something that makes you happy and is good for you. Everybody can stand a little improvement, find new ways to develop your mind and body. Sure the breakup was bad, use this opportunity to channel those feelings into improving yourself. You need and deserve feeling good about yourself after the break up. You don’t feel good, but that’s the best reason to force yourself to start looking at the world in a better way. Heal your broken heart by keeping your mind and your body busy and glowing.

Healing a Broken Heart – Step 5

Look to the future, be more positive, developing this mind-frame is the very important fifth step. Approach the future with a new outlook. Is your ex wallowing in grief? He’s probably feeling no pain, so show the deadbeat that you’re fine, too. There are more productive ways to spend your time than wallowing in the mud of a past relationship. An important thing to do is to become more self-confident and learn how to trust others again.

Heal your heart, follow these five steps. What is a break up? It is a way to learn to live and to love in a better way. What happens after a broken heart? A new you who knows how to live and love in a better way.

Sarah Scott

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