Energy of Healing

by Johnna Shryack

Energy of HealingBy using this half hour guided mediation I teach you how to align with the healing energy from the world of spirit for health issues that arise in you life. The accompanying background music will also relax and relieve stress that you have accumulated throughout the day.

How To Use The Energy of Healing Meditation

Come to a sitting position or whatever posture the body is able to maintain for a period of time, and feel what sits here.Take three deep relaxing breaths, filling your lungs and then slowly exhaling.

Allow the attention to come into the body and feel the breath as it breathes itself in your soft belly. Let the body be soft and open. Let the awareness be gentle and allowing. Notice any area of the body which is in discomfort. Attending to the body, notice whatever distinct sensation draws the attention. Gently allow awareness to move toward the place that wants healing.

Listen to the Meditation