The Era of Peace and Cooperation

Looking forward, the Earth plane is now entering a time of unity, peace and understanding. But, in order for this to take place, the Earth plane is being purged of all negativity; this is happening on both an individual and collective level.

Many souls are reaching into the depths of their own being to bring to the surface any fear-based emotions that need to be cleared and released.

On a collective level, you are witnessing more anger, strife and fear then ever before; as Humanity must clear out the old feelings and emotions so that the energy of Love can be embraced in its full capacity. The energy of Love has the power to penetrate the psyche of all individuals who allow it into their life. What you are witnessing now is a time of deep emotional cleansing.

This is a time for everyone to take stock of how they think and act, and to look toward living their lives more authentically. By being true to yourself, there will be no need to prove yourself to anyone else out of anger or bravado. When each soul is truly confident, not cocky, with who they are as an individual, you will begin to see that there will be less need for large displays of power.

Now, there will still be disagreements on the Earth plane, since each soul will still have their unique viewpoints and personal filters. But, you will see that individual truths will be spoken with love, instead of malice. It is these differences that are to be celebrated, for they define human beings and are what make each soul special.

All souls are equally worthy of God’s Love. All souls play an important role in the Universe’s experience of what human existence is all about. This is a planet of free will and it is that free will that makes ALL experiences possible. This is not a design flaw. The Earth plane was created for this specific purpose, and God can, and will, never express anything but Divine Love for all of his creations.

As we move into the Era of Cooperation and out of the Era of Competition, it becomes time to cherish the differences within Humanity instead of fearing or judging them. For without souls of a differing opinion to your own, your viewpoints would no longer be unique and interesting.

Thank God for each soul and embrace all of Humanity. By doing so you will change the dynamics in your own life and that Love will be Infectious!

Love, Aurora

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