Souls Passing On

When it comes time for someone to pass on, it is important to remember how that soul touched humanity. As long as a soul brought happiness and Love to just one other individual, then their life has been worth living.

So often humanity waits for a soul to pass to celebrate that soul’s life, however this should be a daily occurrence. It is truly sad that so much of humanity does not express their joy and hope each day to those that they love.

Look at your own life; do you appreciate others for how they bring joy and happiness to your life. Or do you focus on the negative side of things, filling your mind with worry about the things that you do not have or how you feel no one appreciates you.

Know that those in Spirit Love YOU and appreciate YOU for all that you do on this tough journey on the Earth plane. Use that energy and start to focus each day on the things that make you happy, soon you will find that this Love is all around you.

The recent passing’s of Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett have brought to the forefront the ways in which these individuals each helped humanity. If only these beautiful souls would have realized how much they were loved while they were still living.

Many lessons on both a personal and collective level will be brought to the public’s attention in the coming weeks and months as related to these individuals and the lives that they choose to lead. But mostly, the sadness that they often felt at many points along their journey: a sadness that they could not trust even those closest to them with, a sadness so deep inside that they felt at times that no one, not even God, loved them for all that they are.

This is how the illusion of depression can lead someone to keep others at a physical or emotional distance, and by doing so continue to perpetuate a set of expectations that they have already put into place for themselves.

So what can be learned from the passing of these individuals that so profoundly touched humanity?

~We must learn to never take love for granted.

~We must learn to speak our inner truths with courage and faith that those who love us, will continue to love us.

~Most of all, we must learn to be honest with ourselves and to face our inner turmoil head on.

If humanity cannot look deep within themselves and embrace ALL that makes up their own experience, then how can they expect to be ready to receive Love from others.

Love, Aurora

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