Natural Disasters

There is so much fear prevalent in the media today about natural disasters and other big changes that are occurring on the Earth plane. First off, it important to remember that there are no accidents, meaning that the souls involved in these changes decided on a spiritual level to be a part of them.

Many natural disasters occur because an area of the globe needs help in transforming its energy in some way. It may be that those particular areas are still caught up in old patterns or it could be that those areas are going to be the new spiritual centers of the globe, but in order to make the necessary changes, the old energy must be released.

Lately, there has been volcanic eruptions in Iceland, flooding in the American South and several earthquakes that have hit many areas around the globe. These have all happened as a result of the transformation that Earth and humanity are undergoing, and they will continue to happen to bring these changes about. Now that does not mean that everyone needs to protect themselves for what may happen. Quite the opposite really. If you always allow yourself to follow your intuition, you will be right were you need to be.

There is so much conditioning about blocking off this important guidance system of intuition. And, so many people are either scared to use it, or don’t believe that they are worthy of having their own relationship with Spirit, or God in that way. But, all souls are worthy of this experience, all you need to do is allow that line of communication to be open, and trust.

For millennia, intuition was the most important guidance system on the planet, but over time and through the domination of fear, intuition was almost lost completely. Now with areas of the globe having to go back to basics because of the earth changes that are taking place, more and more people will begin to open themselves up to their own intuition in this way.

This year will have more political, social, cultural and physical shake-ups to come, but please allow yourself to go with the flow. If you get caught up in the fear then you will not be open to the guidance that you are getting on a daily basis. Rest assured that these natural disasters are not meant as a punishment or are some of wrath of God. No, these were a part of humanity’s plan for spiritual growth. These natural disasters are the catalyst for change. These events are releasing of thousands of years of oppression, anger, fear, hate and so forth. Can you imagine all of that energy stored in one place? Eventually it has to break through in some way.

Look at these events as signs that things are changing for the good of all. Yes, even those souls that have passed on, or are experiencing other hardships as a result of these events will come out of this time in a much better situation. Everyone will be able to raise their vibration; everyone will be able to gain a close understanding of Spirit, God, the Universe or whatever they believe in. And, most of all, everyone will be able to live with unity and Love, live in the now and appreciate everything in life. For so long humanity has based themselves on outside circumstances, achievements or situations. Now it is time to find that worth within, even if that means (temporarily) going through some difficult circumstances to gain that understanding.

You are all beautiful souls, worthy of so much in your life. Do not let the fears and worries of others tell you otherwise. Look at this time as a time for focus, as a time for change. Are you living the life that you want? Why not? There is no excuse that can stop you from achieving your dreams, absolutely none. (Despite what your Ego would like to tell you.) Listen to your own intuition, have patience and you will get there. No matter what experiences that you go through, there is a blessing on the other side of it. Live with Love and you can make it through anything!

Love, Aurora

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