A Time for Congratulations

In the last 60 days, much of humanity has experienced strange events both individually and collectively. What these events represent is the manifestation of of each group’s or soul’s choice to either leave this planet or to clear out the remaining past life energy within their own body’s system and move forward in vibration.

In the news headlines, there have been many unusual stories about how groups of souls have chosen to pass on. These events are just allowing those souls an exit to the leave Earth so that they can finish their learning elsewhere.

The Earth has come to a time where its vibration is now being raised above some members of humanity, and those souls that are choosing to not raise their own vibration to meet that of the Earth are taking these exit points available to them.

This is also a time of congratulations for each soul, whatever their choice might be. Think of this time as an end of a semester. There are many souls that will finishing their learning from one grade level and moving to the next one. This time is unique in that those souls who have been repeating the same “grade” in school will now have to transfer to a new special learning facility to complete their learning.

The Earth School is now being transformed into a venue that is for advanced vibratory learning only. All souls graduating to the New Earth School have been going through a major inner cleansing and overhaul, just as the planet itself has done.

For most of you, this means bringing up issues from within the depths of your own soul to be released. These feelings and issues will most likely be patterns that affected you in this lifetime, but their root causes are based in the history of humanity and the past life energy that each soul carries forward with them.

One of the most common feelings being experienced at this time is a feeling of a lack of worthiness. This is something that the Modern day media conditions much of humanity to believe about themselves. This feeling of unworthiness can be felt in different life areas for each soul, whether it be in Love, money, work, body image, material objects, children, etc.

The important thing here is not the life area that this emotion is affecting, that is only a symptom of the emotion itself. What is important is to recognize the root emotion behind the life area it is manifesting in, so that this root emotion can be released.

This emotion of unworthiness must be released before one can truly gain entry into the New Earth School. Because this energy of unworthiness must be released, many individuals are experiencing a deep, almost unbearable, sadness that is bringing up all of these unresolved feelings stored within their emotional body.

This is now the time to release all of these attachments to the emotional body. (Which has a vibration that does not resonate with the energy of the New Earth School.) Once these attachments are released, the Ego or low self will no longer be able to manipulate the will of the soul in the same way.

As the Earth’s vibration continues to change, it will no longer be able to support the Ego in the same way, and the higher self will begin to lead the way for more and more of humanity.

There will still be pockets of energy to be released from many souls, but humanity is now in a unique position, being lead by the higher self collectively for the first time in many millenniums.

Love, Aurora

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