Illuminating the Shadow

The recent eclipses have caused much of the hidden energy, both individually and collectively, to come to the surface. This may have been experienced as lethargy, lack of motivation, unhappiness, being unsatisfied with the status quo, and even deep anger and sadness.

Eclipses are a very important Astrological event as they help to illuminate the shadow side within everything and everyone. This helps humanity to recognize and release all of the pockets of energy that have unknowingly been hiding. These pockets can contain things from childhood, or emotions and feelings from experiences elsewhere in your current lifetime or even from past lifetimes. If you were someone that experienced some emotions during the first part of this month, and yet you could never quite figure out where those emotions came from, this is because this energy is from your past life experiences. Past life energy is much more difficult to get to the source of because it doesn’t always make sense in the confines of your current lifetime.

The energy of the eclipses are also helping to change things on a global scale. The unfortunate events of the Gulf Oil Spill and the Oil spill in China’s Yellow Sea are going to be precursors for change in that industry. In years to come, these disasters will help people to remember what was the beginning of change in regulation, finances and alternate fuel sources and so much more. Just like many other industries, the Oil companies have been working with the government for many years, and this event is allowing for this relationship to be very different in times to come.

Another event that occurred during this time frame had to do with unemployment benefits in the U.S. These benefits were withheld from 2.5 million souls due to bureaucratic policies and procedures. This event had a greater purpose of allowing these individuals to face ideas about money and worthiness in themselves. Now that these benefits have been reinstated, many souls will go forward with the lessons that they have learned from this time. This experience allowed some souls to recognize that they were giving all of their power away to the government or to their situation, while others decided to look at their own relationship with finances in a new way.

Each of these events is illuminating the shadow side of what is going on, and once one can see the shadow side of things, then that shadow can be addressed. Look at how that is working in your own life: the shadow side of you is the part that follows after the guidance that you receive from spirit, that shadow can be referred to as the Ego or the self. When a soul get a piece of guidance they are usually very excited and want to act on it, but then the shadow comes in and says things like; “But, why would they listen to you?” or “That won’t work”, “Last time nothing happened”, and so forth.

Whenever you hear this secondary part to what you are thinking, this is the shadow side. But, the shadow side is not all doom and gloom; it plays a very important role in helping you to uncover what has been hidden. And, if you listen very carefully to what the shadow is saying, then this allows you to see where the energy still needs to be worked on.

With the Gulf Oil Spill, the shadow side was that the oil industry has been so focused on profits, that it failed to develop the proper proactive methods of safety to prevent this disaster. But, thanks to the shadow being illuminated, humanity can now work on changing this industry for the better in many ways.

With the unemployment benefits being withheld, it illuminated a shadow side of many individuals and how they had put their power on the money they earn. It also illuminated the shadow side of the legislature and aspects of the earlier bills. This time the bill that passed only contained what was necessary to provide these benefits, instead of the add-ons that often accompany such measures.

Illuminating the shadow releases the energy and starts the process of change. It is up to each individual and group to take the information that was illuminated and do with it, as they choose. The eclipses help to bring out this shadow side of things, but those that hear this message must choose to use that information wisely, or the changes they wish for will take longer in coming.

Look within, how does your shadow side keep your from moving forward? What does it tell you? Now turn this information around an use it for your benefit. If it tells you that you are not good enough, find our where the source of that feeling is from. It is from your parents? From an experience in school? From a relationship? There is no spiritual reason why you cannot accomplish your dreams in life, so thank the shadow for showing you the source of this energy and use it as motivation for you to change your life!

Love, Aurora

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