What happens inside a human being that makes him want to control someone else? When one individual approaches another and engages in a conversation , which happens millions of times each day, one if two things will happen; either an individual will come away feeling strong and confident  or feeling weak and tired depending upon what occurs in the interaction.  Because of this type of interaction people seem to take a manipulative posture when beginning an encounter with another individual.

No matter what the particulars of the conversation or the subject matter, we prepare ourselves for battle entering each conversation in order to prevail. Each person seeks control of the conversation thus appearing to remain on top in the encounter.  If we are successful, and our views are accepted, we are the victor, if not we cower and leave the encounter in defeat.

We seek to outwit and control each other not just because of some tangible goal we wish to achieve, but because it lifts us physiologically. I believe this is why we see so many irrational conflicts and arguments between people and nations.  But what is really happening in these encounters?

The entire universe is made up of energy, and each of us is a field of energy.  In an encounter with another person there is an exchange of the energy within the fields of the persons involved.  The movement of this energy, if only systematic, is a way to understand what each of us is receiving when we compete and argue with each other.

When we control another person we receive their energy through an exchange in the energy field that surrounds each of us. We fill up at the other’s expense and this filling up motivates us.  Although this process is done in an unconscious state, many people learn how to manipulate the process through successes and failures in obtaining the control they are seeking.

Likewise, others have learned by being manipulated by these energy suckers, to give away their power or energy.  This leaves them feeling inferior or drained and exhausted in the more dominating person’s presence.  Recognizing this process and the people involved in your life can assist you in learning to control your own energy.

Energy is power and sharing that energy in a conscious and meaningful way can bring much joy and satisfaction, having it removed or taken from you in an unconscious state can bring an inferior feeling and lack of confidence.  Choose to be in control of your encounters and learn to use your energy to best suit you.

Johnna Shryack

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