One cannot change the world around them; its agenda’s or even those persons in their immediate circle without first changing your inner voice. The manner in which you engage and perceive your world and everyone around you determines your own reality. Your interpretation of events and people determines a positive or negative experience.

This concept has been a part of many graduation speeches and inspirational messages and yet we do not practice its basic principles.  It is not a new idea, just an old idea needing a new resurgence.  In times of distress or worry, we lose sight of the bigger picture; everything is relative.  You have a positive or negative experience relative to someone or something else.  In and of its self the situation is what it is, but once quantified relative to something else it hold or loses its value.

A common example of this is your job; you complain about the hours, working conditions, and the wage and in your reality you have every right to be unhappy because you are not working in an environment of which you enjoy and can flourish. That same job is perceived by another as a positive and wonderful opportunity. To someone out of work, you are a lucky person to have such an advantage as still having an income. It is all relative to your perception and how you qualify how you want to spend your time and earn your income. Just as one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, the same holds true for every aspect in your life.

In times of disappointment, despair or strife it is hard to find the positive in our lives; our inner voice wants only to focus on the negative and the disappointment and does not want to reflect on the blessings in the present moment. Finding your blessings will lift you out of your negative persona and into the bliss; let go of wanting to understand or figure out what to do, let go of defending or justifying your situation, and accept things as they are in this moment.  Only then can you make the changes you desire to improve your situation.

This process is completely internal.  It has nothing to do with anything or anyone in your world; only yourself. You’re internal actions and reactions and how you interpreted your circumstances will determine the course of your reality.  Change brings opportunity and a new perspective into your life.  Choose positive thoughts and live life to its fullest or wallow in the negativity and let life pass you by.  The choice is yours and yours alone.

Johnna Shryack

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