A Reflection

Take a look into still water and find the reflection of your image looking right back at you.  Take another look and try to determine the depth of the water, just by looking at it.  On the surface it appears shallow and harmless, but unbeknownst to you a dangerous under current or deep hole maybe hidden under the still, reflective surface.

The depth of one’s soul is often referred to as that which is found under the still water of the exterior image you project, and the windows to such depth are found in the eyes.  A person’s eyes are the gateway to their emotion, thoughts and often time their inner being, reflective of their soul and their inner truth.

In every situation, the first reaction can be read in the eyes, long before the physical being reacts. The stillness of the reflective water also hides the truth of it’s under currents.  We are directed in the teachings of the spiritual world to follow the flow of the current, for this is the path of least resistance and the path of greatest joy, and yet I question what is under the still water of our path.

The turmoil and conflict we experience along our journey to peace, joy and spiritual enlightenment must be hidden under the still water we pass over along our journey.  This current we choose to ride upon is not for the weak or the many, and it is a journey where the illusion of ease and joy are only on the surface.

The negative energy of the under current found below the surface of the still water is the true lessons and challenges we must face every day of our existence on the earth plane.   As we travel over these waters, we absorb that which is on the surface and that which is below, and the effects of the experiences from below often come upon us with little warning and much trepidation. We are often blindsided by the conflict which arises in situations which appear benign.

Our reaction in such situation comes frequently from learned behavior and past life experiences and not from our inner being and higher self.  These reactions and impending solutions often do not direct us down the path of least resistance or a path of higher consciousness, but instead toward more conflict and negative energy.

Awareness of the current below the still water, and its effect on our being can give us the time/space needed to make a more conscious decision, and put us in the direction of higher consciousness.  Realize the illusion of the still water and its reflection, for it only mirrors back to the observer what the observer chooses to see, and not the underlying current of conflict and strife below.

Johnna Shryack

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