A Position Between Two Truths

We are not merely the physical creation of our parents; we are also the spiritual creation.  Each of us is a product of two people and their lives have had an irrevocable effect on that which you are.

In order to discover your real self, you must admit that the real you began in a position between two individual truths.  Each of us has a path to discover the truth which is our own, and yet interwoven is the influence and truth of our parents.

Your mother may have been a nurturing, loving soul, or she may have been a disciplinarian with little patience, these were her truths which influenced your early development.  Your father may have been the strong presence, or absent in the wake of providing for his family, again this influenced your thinking and development.  From these two individuals we gained a thought process and belief system which has defined you through the years.

You have a choice to continue in the path constructed for you by these two influences or you can hold on to a new idea of who you are. Look closely at the events in your life since your birth.  If you view your life as one story, from birth to present, you’ll be able to see how you have reached this moment in time and will know the direction you are to move forward in.

Each event in your life is part of the process of evolving to discovering your own truth. The choices you make and the lessons you learn direct you on the path of knowledge and self awareness.  Often times the conflicting influences of your parents can cause doubt or questions about your own journey or purpose.  These questions that arise and are left unanswered in your mind are yours to search and answer; remember your parents were limited in their reality and were not able to reconcile all the answers you need.

These evolutionary questions are left to the next generation to solve and share with the future generations. We draw upon the past to create the future, just as we draw upon the two individual truths of our parents to grow and develop our own truth. Don’t look for the meaning of your life in the reason why you’re born to a particular set of parents.

Every person whether they are conscious or unconscious of it or not illustrates with their lives how he or she believes a person is supposed to live. You must try to discover what each parent taught you and at the same time what about their lives could have been done better or differently.  What you would have changed about your parents is what you should be working on within yourself.

Johnna Shryack

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