A Mystical Experience

If you have ever had a mystical experience that allowed you, if only briefly, to see the future in front of you, then you have experienced the magnitude of energy one can acquire when functioning in the higher self. This state of leaping ahead cannot be maintained for very long without training and practice.

Trying to talk to someone who is operating in normal consciousness, or trying to live in a world where conflict surrounds you, can extinguish the higher state and you will fall back to the conscious level of which you came.

These energy sucking circumstances drain you of the valuable resource you are working so hard to build. We must learn to slowly, and consciously fill ourselves with the energy of the higher self; maintaining this level of energy for longer periods of time, until we can stay at the higher level permanently.Because energy brings on events in our lives and these events, in turn, raise our energy levels, then the more practiced and conscious we are about what is going on, the higher our energy will rise.

An example is when something happens in our lives beyond mere chance to lead us forward in our path, then we feel as though we are attaining what destiny is leading us to become. As this occurs our level of energy rises to meet the expectation, but when fear or doubt enter the picture we lose energy and cannot attain the destiny presented to us at that moment in time. This experience serves as the new level or feeling once attained, and therefore aspired too.

Each time we reach the higher level of vibration or energy, it becomes easier and easier to attain and maintain.  This evolutionary process has been going on since the beginning of time, and we as humans have continued to strive towards a higher consciousness with each generation. This is why civilizations have progressed throughout history.  And that is what the worldwide spiritual consciousness is all about.

Are you ready to strive toward your higher consciousness, or will you allow the energy suckers keep you from growing?

Johnna Shryack

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