A Measurement Of Time

A measurement of time is an analytical rational applied to an illusionary existence.  There is a compelling need for man to measure or define his existence. He uses time as one of the measuring sticks, defining each moment as a second, minute, hour, day, month, and year.

Control of this time/space reality is what drives our ego and makes the self so erratic and at times emotional.  What would happen if we turned all the clocks or time measuring devices off?   What if we choose to live only in the present moment, free from the influence of the past or the stress of the future?

Driving our lives as a car in the night, only knowing what lies a short distance ahead and trusting that the spirit of the ultimate being will lead and guide us into the unknown safely and with purpose.   Must we calculate every move and schedule it for an exact moment in time; or can we become spontaneous and free with our actions trusting that the outcome is what is meant to be and happens at the exact time it is meant to happen.

Is our existence on this earth plane so rigid that we cannot relax and enjoy time? I believe that time is the tempo of life measured only by the interpreter.  It flows at a constant speed, ebbing and flowing as an ocean tide.  This moment is all we have influence over, and yet it is gone as quickly as it came. Then that moment in time becomes the past, and a new moment presents itself.

Reflections of the past stir emotions within our hearts of a time which cannot be changed or revisited.  With each New Year come the reflection of time and the hope of a future, where time is not wasted.  Resolutions are made to change and utilize our time more efficiently. But all we have is this moment, and it too is now gone and is now a part of our past.

Johnna Shryack

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