Heart Chakra Energy

The heart chakra of compassion is the fourth of the seven chakras in the energy body. It is located at the level of the physical heart, at the center of the chest. Maintaining a healthy heart chakra, will go a long way in providing good physical,emotional, as well as spiritual health for yourself.

This fourth chakra is responsible for the organs in your body that have actions of expansion and contraction. The heart and lungs are some examples. It is also closely tied with the movements of the arms and hands.

If this special chakra of ours is correctly balances, we feel self-accepted as well as show acceptance towards others. We are also prone to follow our own beliefs and values, rather than what is laid down to us by friends,family, religion, and society.

If you have an under active chakra, you may possess these traits:

– Low self esteem

– Low self-confidence

-Lack of concern for others

– Respiratory and circulatory disorders

– Heart disorders

If you have an over active chakra, you may possess these traits:

– A tendency to always feel responsible for others

– A dominating personality

– You tend to be over controlling in relationships

– Respiratory and circulatory disorders

– Heart disorders

If any of these symptoms sound like you, you may have an unbalanced heart chakra. If this is the case, don’t be overly concerned. By being aware of this, you can practice being mindful of these tendencies and work on correcting them.


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