Great Exercise for Opening the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the fourth of seven chakras inside the body. Each chakra is an energy center and responsible for different emotions or feelings you have. The heart chakra is no exception, it is your center for unconditional love.

Also it is a very important chakra, considering it is directly linked to your physical heart and circulatory system. It is the source for many of our feelings good and bad such as jealousy, grief, happiness, love, anger, and many more.

Here is a simple exercise that will aid us on this journey:

1. Sit up with your back straight in a chair. Try your best to breath normal but also deeply.

2. At this point, close your eyes and focus on your heart.

3. Visualize yourself entering your heart.

4. Now imagine that you are standing in a grassy plain, the sky is clear and a bright pink. You look to your right, and see a green grassy hill. On that hill stands a temple, this temple in fact represents your heart. Now think about this for a moment, as you walk over to this temple do you notice it clean and neatly kept? Or is it covered with dust?

5. Enter the temple, and see the shining light This light grows brighter as you approach it. It swells and recedes rhythmically with your own heart beat in the bowl-like depression in the center of the room.

6. Gaze upon this flame. Send it your energies. See it respond to your energies, watch it grow bright and strong as it reaches up to touch the ceiling high above. You are feeding the flame of your heart. Breathe deeply and realize in the depth of your being that your heart center is coming alive.

7. Open your eyes at this point and reflect on this for at least 5 minutes before rising.

Do not perform this more than twice a week.

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