The 7th Chakra

The seventh chakra, or crown chakra, is located where a baby’s soft spot is.  It symbolizes the totality of creation, wholeness and completion and relates to consciousness as pure awareness.  The element is thought as it relates to inspiration, divine wisdom and perception beyond space and time.  It is oriented to self-knowledge and Universal identity.

When out of balance, it is difficult to make decisions or have a sense of belonging. When this chakra is functioning properly, we feel spiritual connection to all, bliss and peace with ourselves. Balance is achieved and a unity consciousness develops.

This chakra is linked to the colors violet, white and gold and the planet Uranus. This chakra responds well to sacred chants, mantras, tuning forks, bells and singing bowls.

The possible physiological benefits for a balanced seventh chakra are a healthy muscular and epidural system and living in a flow of energy that is sourced from our divine nature.


Amethyst helps to activate the crown and connect with the higher self. It takes you into a deep state of meditation quickly.

Citrine  helps to access personal power and enhance self-confidence. It releases fears and stresses from the body.

Gold is a great conductor of energy and can help repair damage at a cellular level.

Mantra: “I radiate in my divine connection to spirit and universal consciousness.  I am at one with all that is.”

Each of our malas come with its own life-affirming mantra (“prayer”, in Sanskrit) and represents a convergence of ancient spiritual tradition and modern beauty: The simplicity of gemstones is known to have healing qualities and, when worn around the wrist, is a constant reminder of the sacred within each of us.

Celedra Gildea,PhD,

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