Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Step 1- Lie down or sit in a comfortable position

Step 2- close your eyes and deep breathe

Step 3- Focus on your breathing

Step 4- Imagine that you are taking in light and energy with every in-breath and exhaling all your stress with every out breath

Step5- After a while you’ll start feeling calm and relaxed

Step6- Now imagine a white beam of light entering your body through soles of your feet

Step 7- Let it travel to the base of your spine, feel it circulating in that area and let it dissolve all the blockages from your root chakra. See the blockages as black soot covering your chakra. As the black soot disappears it will reveal your earthy red root chakra. Tell yourself “I am grounded and confident”

Step 8- Let the light now move up towards your sacral chakra, below your navel, around your genital area. Let the light dissolve away all the blockages from this chakra, see it as a whirling orange mass or an orange colored spinning wheel. Tell yourself “I release all my fears and express my desires freely”.

Step 9- See the light clearing your solar-plexus (6 inches above your navel). Let this whirling white light cleanse your bright yellow chakra. Tell yourself “I accept myself the way I am and I respect others for who they are”

Step 10- Let the light now move up towards your heart chakra. Watch it cleanse your chakra, feel the throbbing pink/red/green chakra in the area between your breasts. Tell yourself “I now accept and give love freely”

Step 11- Feel the light move in a circular motion around your throat area. Watch it cleanse your throat chakra; you’ll see a pale blue spinning wheel or blue colored spinning mass of light emerge. Tell yourself “I now express myself freely and without fear”

Step 12- Let the light move to your third eye chakra, the area between your eyebrows. Feel it cleanse your indigo/violet colored chakra. Tell yourself “I am focused, alert and at peace with myself”

Step 12- Let the light finally move up towards the crown of your head. See it move upwards towards the sky. Now silently pray for guidance and request the universe to silence your ego and help you achieve a higher level of consciousness

Step 13- Relax

Step 12- Slowly, open your eyes

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