7 Chakra

Chakras are energy centres in the pranic body or the energy body. The human organism comprises not merely the gross physical body but several other sheaths like mind, karma, wisdom and bliss. These sheaths are what are referred to as koshas by the Indian seers.

Among these sheaths is the sheath of prana or energy which comprises of the various chakras, nadis (energy channels). The latent spiritual energy known as Kundalini flows through these chakras and nadis, thereby making them vibrant. The flow of energy in this sheath affects all the other sheaths thereby resulting in a healthy body and mind, the result of which is bliss and peace. These chakras and nadis get defiled due to wrong lifestiles and eating habits and also due to the bnrdenof erroneous perceptions and negative karma. This disturbance affects an individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Negative thought patterns create negative situations in life. So,Chakra Dhyana is not merely a sadhana to activate the subtle dimension but it also assists in creating a healthier mind which is imperative for a happy and healthy life. Chakra Dhyana has three steps to it ie concentrating on the mystical diagrams of the chakras (Yantra), uttering of mystical syllables to activate the chakras (Mantra) and the right seating posture (Asana). The mudra (placement) of the fingers is also important. The ideal mudra is to touch the base line of the thumb with the index finger and the ideal asana is Siddhasan

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