Ego; Who Is He?

The Ego is the most questioned and misunderstood part of the metaphysical journey.  Defining what the Ego is can be far easier than conquering it.  The Ego is your proverbial blessing and curse.  It is your identity as an individual and must be developed in order to advance your consciousness. This identity is what separates you from the masses and allows you to stand unique. While the separation or uniqueness is ultimately an illusion, it is a necessary part of your development in order to recognize the internal spiritual being […]

Don’t Fear Change

Recently the word change has become a frequently used word in our vocabulary. Our financial institutions are promoting a change in the lending practices, our government is looking to change our economy, the younger generations are imploring a change in policy concerning our environment and the older adults want a change in the healthcare system. But what really does it mean to change? I looked up the word in the dictionary and found it to mean to substitute, alter or vary. Change implores doing something different than what you are […]

Destruction Has a Name

Destruction is a process of taking down and rebuilding, of cleansing a space to rebuild anew. It can enter with a tremendous force, with a loud noise, and a widespread devastation. It can also enter unknowingly in the shadow of darkness, creeping silently, stealth-like just below the radar of detection. Such is the way an illness enters the body, and consumes everything in its path. With no conscious knowledge of its existence, only the symptoms of weakness, fatigue and aching are the precursors for the impending turmoil which is about […]

Daddy’s Little Girl

When we first began to evolve consciously, we automatically begin to receive opposite-sex energy. It comes in naturally from the energy in the universe. But we must be careful, because if another person comes along who offers this energy directly we can cut ourselves off from the true source. Most parents compete with their own children for energy, and that has an effect on all of us. Because this competition is taking place, none of us have resolved this opposite-sex issue. We are all stuck at the stage where we […]

Connecting on Common Ground

Resistance to change in inevitable, and yet growth and expansion cannot occur without it. Change is simply taking a known idea or process and expanding on it in a different direction. That known process or idea is referred to as the “common ground”. In business, as in life, a process or idea is put into place and utilized to reach an expected goal; an example of this could be found at the local retail checkout counter. Three feet before the register is a stand of under a dollar items, simply […]

A Rivers Journey

The gentle flow of a river over the rocks, cutting through the land, passing the plants forever grounded along its shore line, brings to mind the path of least resistance our lives rarely take, but often seek.  With little resistance the water cuts down through the land, cutting a path and leaving behind a rich soil to which the plant life are grounded and thrive. Plant life anchors into the land, just as the values and principles we hold so precious anchor us to the belief system from which we […]