The Art Of Healing By Herbs

Herbalism is a traditional medicinal method of health care based on the use plants and plant extracts. Herbal medicine is the art or science of growing and collecting plants and their extract for preparing and utilizing plants for the enrichment of health. Natural medicine is the best option available to treat certain illness and ailments. Healing herbs are all around us, present in spices, gardens, lawns and in the natural environment around us. Prior to the industrial revolution, they were still used by one and all.

Today, we have the ultimate advantage of maintaining a good relationship between the organic world and the latest technologies. If we try to gain knowledge of how to use plants as curing agents and understand the scientific and energetic processes of curing, we can apply them for curing a number of health imbalances. Modern herbalism is an approach that is tried and tested through generations and consistently seen as a new light in the medical field. Herbal medicines and therapies are used to support and modify infected body functions, rather than a symptomatic approach.

Herbal curing methods are used as an alternate to conventional drug-based medicines. Infact, in certain conditions, they both go hand in hand. Many herbal medicine courses have been started worldwide and many of these courses provide herbalist training programs on both conventional medicines as well as on natural healing methods. Herbal Therapy Programs are designed to provide knowledge of curing infected body functions by using typical herbal therapies. In this, students are introduced to the fascinating world of herbs and how these natural plants are used in medical self-healing and natural healthcare therapies. Such herbal therapy courses are categorized as Oriental Herbalism, Ayurvedic Herbalism and Western Herbalism. There are various schools that provide natural health degree to their students on different health courses.

The herbal market is developing rapidly as the demand for a healthy and safe alternative medicine is increasing. Careers in herbalism vary in professional outlook as well as income potential. Herbal therapy programs help in creating a relationship with the plants to inspire others to deepen their relationship and support their health with the precious gift of nature.

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One thought on “The Art Of Healing By Herbs

  1. Very well said, as always Johnna. From an inner-self perspective, when taking and using herbs to cure infections or any other health related issues, one feels an inherent calmness during the healing process. Herbs, water and sunlight are the basis to almost all healing and as one synchronizes with nature, the benefits extend beyond just healing into ascending.

    Love your posts.

    Love & Light,


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