Acupuncture a Traditional Practice of Healing

Acupuncture  is a traditional practice of healing with its origin in China. For nearly thousands of years acupuncture is spreading wellness of the body and mind by curing the patients. It is always said that Prevention is better than cure. Preventive care is the most important step to maintain a good health and wellness of the body. Acupuncture aims that the patient regains the balance of the body and stays healthy. The patient is relieved from stress and the immunity is boosted by following these practices.

Acupuncture has provided the required cure to the sufferer by healing. In this way, it has proven effective for many diseases from tennis elbow, addiction, stroke, menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and asthma. Acupuncture generally involves the treatment, which begins with the proper diagnosis. The acupuncturist will take a complete assessment, which involves the questions regarding health and lifestyle. This technique is followed in Acupuncture to get a detailed insight of the patient’s emotional state, and specific symptoms. Even the minute things of the patient like the condition of the tongue to checking the pulses on both wrists are studied by the acupuncturist. The first visit to the acupuncturist can last from about half an hour to 2 hours.

The acupuncturist makes a detailed report of the patient, which is according to the analysis. The next time you visit the acupuncturist the duration of the session decreases depending on the patient’s recovery. The line of treatment is according to the report, which is prepared by the acupuncturist. The needle is pricked at specific points on the skin by the acupuncturist. Initially the patients feel slight discomfort, but once the needles are in place, there is no pain. Besides using the normal method of pricking the skin with the fine needles, the practitioners of acupuncture also use heat, pressure, friction, suction, or impulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the points. In the treatment of special high quality needles are used that are extra fine, laser sharpened, and lubricated. The selection of needles is done to substantially reduce any kind of discomfort to the patients.

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